Lieberman Research Group


While our executive team embodies diverse research expertise across a wide range of practice areas and industries, the single, overriding goal is to deliver the greater responsiveness that drives superior outcomes. As a result, Lieberman executive team members are uniquely committed to and involved in our clients’ businesses.

Steve Chasin, Partner
Bruce Gillman, Partner
Mitchel B. Horowitz, Partner
Andrew Korman, Partner, CIO
Karl Livigni, CFO and Partner
Lauren Altman, Sr. Vice President
Kim Day, Vice President, Manager Qualitative Practice
Brian Edelstein, Vice President
Clodagh Fraccari, Director of Human Resources
Jennifer Francis, Sr. Vice President
Sabera Hyderally, Executive Vice President, Healthcare
Andrea McDonough, Vice President, Qualitative Practice
Steve Miller, President, Quantitative Practice
Art Pfenning, Vice President
Warren Shapiro, Vice President, Qualitative Practice
Peter Smith, Vice President, Qualitative Practice
Nancy Stahl, Vice President