Appsight™ Target-Generated Mobile Research
User-generated images and videos. We like them, we hate them – but at Lieberman we believe we can learn from them. Our Appsight tool takes you deep inside your target’s world: Doctors and HCPs can take you into their practices and hospital cafeterias. Consumers can take you into their bathroom medicine cabinets, the aisles of their favorite stores, restaurants and social gatherings – places traditional research can’t easily go.

The result is “reality research:” uniquely illustrative pictures and videos created by your target in response to your questions.

How it works:
We partner with you to develop essential questions and program them into our proprietary mobile app. Respondents are alerted that our survey is ready, they log in, and then record themselves answering our questions.

Appsight was recently used in a global study to more fully understand how consumers choose and use OTC medications. The resulting footage is personal and powerful: it generated unique understanding and enthusiasm that come with seeing real people share their candid thoughts in real environments.

To learn more about Appsight, contact Bruce Gillman, Partner.