DIMENSIONS Identifies the “Hierarchy of Preferences”
for Successful Product Launches and Service Optimization

The Dimensions methodology pinpoints the relative desirability of individual features and feature combinations at a price. While it has elements in common with standard preference modeling techniques like SIMALTO, Dimensions is pragmatically focused on the vital “hierarchy of preferences” necessary for a successful launch or restage. With Dimensions, marketing effort can be calibrated to perfectly match real world preferences.

Business Situation:

A Medical Device Manufacturer is in the design stage for a new surgical system. The manufacturer wants to understand which product features are most valuable to Healthcare Professionals and how variation of the features will impact use of the device.

Dimensions methodology simulates the complexity of real-life decision making, where decisions are made with trade-offs between desirable product attributes and limitations.

With Dimensions analysis, respondents are shown several attributes, each at various levels. All attributes are assigned a unit value, with the more desirable level of each attribute costing more units. Respondents are given a limited number of units to spend and instructed to select the most desirable features across all attributes. This exercise is repeated, with each iteration allowing the respondent to upgrade by selecting more desirable attribute variations within their unit budget. As a result, the Medical Device Manufacturer gains a precise understanding of the attributes Healthcare Professionals consider standard and the key features they are willing to invest in.


How it works: Respondents begin by selecting the product attributes they currently have. Then they are given a specific number of units to spend and allowed to purchase upgrades.

The Medical Device Manufacturer learned that while Healthcare Professionals are content with the available warranties for surgical systems, there is considerable room for improvement regarding the size and material of the surgical systems currently available. In finalizing the design of the new surgical device, the manufacturer knows the materials they must use and the size they cannot exceed.

To learn how Dimensions can work for you, contact Sabera Hyderally, Executive Vice President, Healthcare.