Wearable Technology

Google Glass technology is hands-free, offers a unique ability to display information in the wearer’s immediate visual field and enables the wearer to more easily capture and send photos and video. Those are among key reasons a growing number of physicians are rapidly embracing Glass. At Lieberman, we believe those qualities also hold great promise for healthcare marketing research. That’s why we launched Glassworks, wearable observational data collection to partner with our healthcare clients featuring Glass and additional wearable technologies.

Through The Looking Glass
Innovative Glass applications are embodied in Through The Looking Glass: A Cutting Edge Approach to Observational Data Collection, presented jointly by Lieberman and a leading healthcare client at the 2014 Pharma Market Research Conference. The study used Glass to gain unfiltered sales rep reactions to a key detail aid so that the detail aid and related sales activities could be optimized prior to national product rollout.

With Glass technology, video of unaided verbal reactions as well as key non-verbal cues related to various sections of the detail aid was collected. The Client refined the detail aid in areas where feedback was most prominent and addressed FAQs. Enhanced coaching techniques were also developed to overcome barriers to acceptance, and brand message best practices were shared to better inform launch training initiatives. Glass video footage was also used during the client’s national launch meeting to support the new selling strategy.

High-Value Healthcare Research Applications
In addition to innovative sales-related research applications, we see great potential for high value applications in areas including product and device assessment, the delivery of medical education and drug application information, patient diaries, and direct respondent feedback.

To learn more about Through The Looking Glass and to partner with Lieberman in the exploration of how Google Glass and wearable technology can work for you, contact Sabera Hyderally, Executive Vice President, Healthcare.