Lieberman Research Group


A peerless qualitative practice that’s among the fastest growing in the industry.

Senior researchers with a long record of game-changing insights across a wide array of industries. That’s the Lieberman qualitative practice – and why it’s among the fastest growing qualitative solutions in marketing research.

Our qualitative experts apply proven techniques derived from psychology to every element of the qualitative context; including study structure, dialogue flow, query language, follow-up prompts, respondent ideation and much more. The result is qualitative learning that gives you a profoundly deeper understanding of target needs and how your product or service might better satisfy them.

Our newest technique, using a virtual research setting, unravels target mysteries. It provides respondents with the comfort of anonymity and a vehicle to express sensitive information.

Qualitative Research Diagnostic Tools

  • Brand Equity
  • Concept Development
  • Communications Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Ideation
  • Market Landscape Assessment
  • New Product Development
  • Package Testing
  • Positioning
  • Usability Testing