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    Qualitative Research

    Astute and contemporary qualitative research

    Scientific Rigor. 

    We are a team of trained psychologists, sociologists and ethnographers, rigorously uncovering the deeper truths of how consumers think, behave, and aspire. Our customized research design and approaches are grounded in theories and principles from clinical psychology and behavioral science to reveal and understand complex, multifaceted attitudes and drivers.


    Market research is advancing. We’re proud to pioneer new and innovative methods and techniques specifically designed to obtain deep and rich insights for our clients.

    Strategic Partnership.

    Our qualitative team upholds the Lieberman philosophy of strategic partnership, providing meaningful and lasting support as consultants to our clients – beyond the life of one project. 

    We employ a range of techniques carefully tailored to uncover the deeper psychological, social, and emotional truths of target consumers, that are most likely to render actionable outcomes for our clients’ specific needs.

    Our qualitative research spans a broad range of study types, including but not limited to:

    • Concept / Campaign Evaluation
    • User experience
    • Customer profiling
    • Customer journey
    • Market segmentation
    • Exploratory
    • Brand identity and positioning
    • Brand Tracking
    • ATUs

    And more